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Workshops and Trainings

As a former Counselor Educator, I love training and teaching. I believe learning best occurs in a dynamic, interactive atmosphere. While I strive to include key factual information, my goal is that participants leave with something tangible they can put into place immediately. I have provided an updated list of current workshop topics, so please reach out if you would like more information. If you don’t see a topic you’re interested in on the list, please know I enjoy the process of creating new workshops and trainings and would love with you more about your needs. You can complete the contact form on this site or call my office line at 704-387-4805.

Current Topics

  • Self-Care 101

  • Trauma Basics for Caregivers

  • Trauma Basics for Educators

  • Embodied Practices in Education

  • Trauma and the Adolescent Brain

  • Embodied Boundaries

  • Caring for Your Inner Child

  • Grounded: What Does It Mean and How Do I Get There

  • Living from My Values

  • Exploring the Shadow Self

  • Coping with Loss

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