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Integral Breath Therapy

Integral Breath Therapy is a revolutionary therapy that uses the breath to explore, heal, and integrate the multidimensional aspects of the human psyche. Based on ancient Eastern disciplines, as well as modern Western methods, this holistic modality uses breathing techniques to clear out physical, mental, and emotional blocks or stresses.

Integral Breath Therapy is a body-mind modality. With this approach we bridge the gap between thoughts and feelings, between the body and the mind. By going underneath the "story" or repetitive dramas in life, belief systems are revealed along with the reason for their existence. The awareness of these patterns and how they affect one's life is crucial to creating a future that is different from the past.

Integral Breath Therapy is a powerful energy therapy that accesses a the power of the natural trance state to bring dynamic awakenings. It uses the breath and the mind-body connection to access underlying, unresolved issues at the core.

 It is an ideal tool for working with somatic issues, addictions recovery, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, PTSD, anger management, relationship and birth issues, chronic tension and fatigue, and personal growth.

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