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Self-Care = Compassionate Presence not Escape

“Self-care”… it feels like the word is everywhere these days – social media, the impulse buys on the magazine rack at the grocery store, morning talk shows. We’re flooded with pictures of bubble bath, yoga poses on the beach, the lone hiker out in the forest, copious amounts of wine. How helpful are these things to our self-care? How realistic are these things for us? So much of these practices are about escaping life rather than being fully present for as much of life as we can.

Self-care is an intentional, nuanced practice. It includes an inventory of our individual circumstances across multiple contexts – our physical bodies, our relationships, our communities, our interactions with societal systems, our experiences of oppression and marginalization. There is no list that will tell us exactly what needs to be part of our self-care. Ultimately, self-care should bring us into greater presence in life. This requires safety along with courage.

Drs. Jane Myers and Thomas Sweeney developed the Indivisible Self Model of Wellness, an important tool to help us develop greater well-being. On February 22, 2020, we’ll be exploring this model to develop personalized self-care plans. We’ll discuss the challenges of motivation, access, and marginalization. I hope you’ll consider joining us this morning to look at what self-care is, what it isn’t, and what effective self-care might look life for you. Registration for the workshop can be found under the "Events" section of this site.

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